How much customization can I do before I REALLY need to know how to develop ERPnext? :)

So I’m slowly starting to wrap my head around ERPnext and how it’s built. I consider myself more of a power user than a developer, but I’m reasonable with HTML, and I’ve dabbled in Javascript and Python. I’m interested to learn more so that I can develop ERPnext modules at some point.

My question is how much customization can I do in THE FRONT END ONLY of ERPnext, and am I in danger of breaking an install, or being unable to upgrade to new version, or having my FRONT END customizations overwritten on every update?

It seems like I can drill down into the Doctypes and fields of every module just through the front end, so presumably I can mess things up pretty good if I want to. :slight_smile:

The simple things I want to customize right away are:

  • quotation, sales order, purchase order forms
  • add custom fields to modules

What happens to these things when you upgrade?

@Dbone If you keep all your customizations in a separate app, you will be fine.

Checkout the number of new DocTypes created by @adityaduggal who is a non-programmer (probably knows as much as you do!)

Not really sure what this means. Do I need to install Bench an learn how to set it all up just to “safely” customize my quote form?

Basically, I want to buy an ERPnext cloud install from you, upload all my contacts, suppliers, customers, products, BOM’s. Then customize my quote form, sales order form, RFQ form, PO form, add some custom fields that I require, and tweak settings to suit. Do I need to install Bench, and build an app that “hooks” into my cloud account just to keep my customizations safe from future upgrades to the base product?

Eventually, I want to learn to develop it and create fantastical data-driven masterpieces of ERP bliss. But for now I just want it to work and look pretty, and not get overwritten.

If you are on the cloud, then you are safe from being overwritten (mostly!).

here is a good place to start!