How offline POS Work For Large List Of Items And Customer Data?

I read that offline pos using a localstorage to sync orders and customer details but it is limited to maximum of 10MB, how it could load all items and customer data when item list and customer data is to high?

What volume of customer and item list are you looking at ?

12000 items and 2000 customers

What is the maximum number of items and customers will be fetched for offline POS?

Please tell approximate rough figure

I really do not know

But I have a client with 22,000 items and 2000 customers and we use the offline PoS with no issues. The client does 900 invoices daily across 6 till points.

@rohit_w would you mind giving us an idea of what the limit could be? I am also interested in knowing.



I am excited to know about the maximum item limit for offline pos,