How resource intensive is it to run virtualbox or docker

hi guys i have a asus vivobook X540N running a intel core N4200 win 10 4gb ram 500gb hdd will i have a hard time running erpnext docker or virtualbox ver?

Can anyone share thier experiences?

Hi @CuriousPasserby,

this notebook should do just well to play around with ERPNext on the VirtualBox. Make sure to enable VT-X in bios. In any case, install VirtualBox, download the image and have a go, nothing to loose but some of your time :wink:

You can easily run ERPNext on 1-2 vCPUs with 1 GB RAM and 20 GB HDD. More is of course better.


I would set the RAM to just under 2GB (sat 1920KB) if I were you. It WILL run on 1GB, but you might have a lot of swapping to disk which will lead you to believe that ERPNext is slow (which it isn’t).