How send alert when a workflow reaches a certain stage

I need help to achieve the following after setting up a workflow:
Send out an email alert when a workflow reaches a certain stage

Example workflow:

  • Draft > Pending for HR Manager > Pending for Account Manager > Pending for General Manager > Approved

for each state it should send Email alert to whom concern to take Action.

is it possible to send email to alert by role not email ID?

Set alert based on Workflow State fields.

@umair I am already doing that!

My issue is sending email to recipients, I want to send email by role not email ID, same as workflow

Sorry as this feature is not available for now. Will be great to see this contribution coming from you )

I was planning to add it but I found it already there :grinning:

but it is available only on branch:develop?!
When it will be merge to master?

Release date: March 30