How send an email automatically when a document created?

I created a new DocType and now I want to send an email, once someone create a entry with the new document. How to do it? Could you please help me…

Search for “Notification” in the awesomebar.

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I tried that, but I cannot configure it. I have referred to the documentation also. But it was not worked. Could you please help me?

Why not?

I do not have much technology knowledge. Could you please assit me?

Not without more explanation, no. Simply saying “It’s not working” doesn’t help us to understand your problem. Please post as much detail as possible, including the settings you’ve tried, the result you expect, and the result you are getting.

  • I have created a new DocType, “Job requirement form”
  • It is working without any errors.
  • Now I want to send an email notifications once someone made an entry with "Job requirement form.
  • I tried to setup notification with the notification in ERPNEXT but it was not worked. I want your help to create the notification setup for the relevant new DocType.

Hope this will be clear to you.

How did you set up the notification? Please share the steps you took, the settings you used, and the errors you faced (if any) while doing this process. Just saying that it didn’t work doesn’t tell us what we need to know to help you.

Can you share a screenshot of the notification setting for your custom doctype?

For saving a doctype an example would be as

And recipients should be set here


Thank you for the help. I used your way and the previous way that I have used was incorrect. Now the emails notifications are delivering.

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