How set filter default in Report: Sales Invoice

Can anynoe help me to set a filter default in Report: Sales Invoice .


Can you elaborate on your process of what you want in a filter?

Thank You!

i want see only oneday (Today) only in sales users role and can’t change it or remove …
or can we remove show totals form table

Hi @Kirolos_Fayek,

First, create a report as a system manager after setting a report column and saving it.
set a script and also set a user-wise condition according to.
Some functionally do not have in the default system.
So sometimes set manually right-wise user and user role.

Please apply a custom/client script.

DocType: Sales Invoice
Apply To: List

frappe.listview_settings['Event'] = {
    refresh: function(listview) {
        // Report view time remove Show Total button in menu.'[data-label="Show Totals"]').parent().parent().remove();
        // Remove dropdown toggle like: Add column, Remove row etc.
        // Remove filter

Thank You!