How set item price in Supplier's currency (which is different from my companie's default currency)?


  • Company currency: USD
  • Supplier Currency: EUR
  • Purchase invoice Currency: EUR
  • Payment Currency: EUR
  • Supplier’s item price: EUR

so, I want to create the item I want to purchase from that supplier and also create the item price in EUR (which is the currency I am dealing with completly througout all transactions in this. Even the bank account I am using for payment is in EUR (the Supplier’s currency)

I also have a pricelist “Standard Buying EUR”. Still when I try to create a price for that item the currency of the item price is USD which can’t be can’t be changed in the item price form. So my question is how can I create a item price in a foreign currency?

EDIT: before anyone is asking … EUR is enabled in the currency list

unfortunately i am here to ask too, not to solve the problem :frowning:

i have Standard Selling USD set on ERP, but when i make the Sales Order, the price still at USD (company based currency is IDR)…

for everyone info, i already import the USD-IDR currency, but the currency rate just didn’t sync to Sales Order and Sales Invoice…

Anyone know how to solve the issue?