How should i know if someone commented on any document

i’m using almost erpnext modules
like to-do project’s,events,… etc
but every time someone commented on any of these documents he have to send a manual notification in the chat
how can i get notifications for comments ?
thank you

is this not an important feature ?

@fatheyabdelslam you can use the hooks, into the “Communication” for emails, sms and calls, and hook, the “onchange” for “_comments” just the comments of all doctypes!

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but this will send emails
in my case i’ll get about 100 mail every day !!
which will use more resources in server and in my mail server ?
is there any other way to get notification about comments ?

@fatheyabdelslam, No, what I mean, is, for catch all emails sent, into the application, (emails, calls or sms’s) they are stored into a doctype called “Communication”, to catch only “Comments” all doctype tables, have one field called “_comments” where the comments are stored.

But, do you should, build your rule, to catch and do something with this, into the backend.

So, you can use, hooks, to listen changes into these doctype or fields, to do something, when the event occurs.

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i think on this way i’ll need a custom code
thank you for trying to help me

Have you solved this problem?
I’m not good at scripting yet. I have a similar problem, but I can’t figure out how to solve it.