How Synchronize Local and Cloud instances

Is there a software that can make synchronization between the two servers located at different places but there database status will always be the same. Or what is the best suggested solution?

Not, sure

but you can restore the cloud instance site backup to your local instance.

Check bench backup to take backup and bench restore to restore the backup to site.

Thanks, Makarand

No, I am asking about different thing.
I want to synchronize theme if one of instances get offline and users do some oprations in offline mode then when internet connction get back it will synchronize the database.

Is it possible to make slave database locally just for emergence ?

any ideia on this facing the same situation

Hi, sorry for disturbing, have you found the solution?

Probably rsync is one command you should investigate 10 Practical Examples of Rsync Command in Linux

Search ‘rsync’ on this forum will give you ideas too


thank you for your tip, I`ll check:)

@NMyshuk you could try this :

and share your feedback please :wink:

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hi, thank you, I’ll check and share :wink:

Hi, did anyone try and run this script given by @Mohammed_Redha. Also if it works c an someone please guide me on how implement this to sync my ec2 erpnext instance and my offline instance. Thanks!

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Did anyone succeed in setting up local and cloud site sync?

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In V13, you can do so using Event Streaming functionality.


Dear Mohamed,
We have to wait v13 release… event streaming.

Any update on this topic?

V13 Event Streaming

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It can be done in the database level. MariaDB supports master/slave and master/master replication.

PS: For attached file synchronization event streaming can be used.

events streaming

yes use events streaming in erpnext