How to accent characters for Spanish versions of ERPNext?

I am Spanish, and I would like to configure things in ERPNext as customers, products, warehouses, etc with accented characters.
How I can achieve this?

Hola! Translations are a community contributed project, so you’ll want to use this portal for translations generally. ERPNext/ Frappe uses UTF-8 encoding, so the accents you want should be there. I’m not aware of any other Spanish users by name (I’m sure they exist) but there’s a group of folks working in Mexico and Guatemala in ERPNext who likely have some advice for you. @chabito79 in Mexico @Tropicalrambler in Guat.

If you are looking to have a specific (non-standard?) spelling of a Doctype or field, look at Custom Translations.


Agreed with @tmatteson, I believe the Custom Translations route is the way to go…That’s what we do here.


Thank you so much @tmatteson and @chabito79.
Custom Translations will help me a lot.