How to access Bookmarks in V5

The bookmarks in v5 have been changed to stars but how do we access starred items. There does not seem to be a very intuitive way to access starred items.

Also I would like to know that in bookmarks we could just add a bookmark for a report as well but starring a report page does not seem to be a case or am I missing something?

Yeah, reports can’t be starred. Sorry no place for bookmarks tab in the navbar for now. If there are more demands, we will think :smile:

Hi Rushabh

I think bookmarks was something very good but your answer also does not state as to how to access the starred items?
I am expecting to access the starred items somehow.

@adityaduggal click on the star on the toolbar.

Where is the star on the toolbar?

I am not able to find the star…I am seriously missing something here.

The star next to the checkbox - its not a very intuitive pattern i know…

Thanks, now I got i, this means that bookmarks and stars are totally different as a utility and I am really disappointed to see the Bookmarks gone in v5.

Plus 1 on missing the bookmark feature of V4.

We also miss this feature. Forces to 2-3 additional clics on frequently used operations.

Now the navbar has no menu items. We would propose allowing in the navbar a 2-level custom menu bookmark-based.

Have you tried clicking on the Awesome Bar? It shows a list of recent items and you might not need Bookmarks?

Let me know if that works?


Please note that the awesome is indeed awesome but it still does not replaces the bookmarks since many a times the bookmarked items are not in the recent history especially the reports which I personally used to bookmark.

Now another idea could be to pin items on the awesome bar itself but I guess then the problem would be that it could mean a lot of items on the awesome bar.

What I propose instead is that we have a bookmarks link at the bottom of the awesome bar below or above the Help on Search, this bookmark link can either open a new page or could be multi level thing. See the screen shot below:

I think this should be good for all the users who are already using bookmarks.

Is there any news on bookmarks or this is a lost feature?

plus 1 it was very helpful feature

I think the bookmarks was a great feature but just to share I had to make a video for my users to let them know how to make bookmarks on the Browser.

I know bookmarks on browser is more robust but I also think that introduces a few more clicks, but for now I have taken this to be a reality and use the reports in bookmarks of the browser.

If anyone is interested in using bookmarks then they can share this video for how to create bookmarks with the users who are unaware of this feature in browsers.

Don’t forget to turn on the Subtitles/CC in Youtube as there is no SOUND.

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Just an after thought which came after I closed the topic…why can’t we use the bookmarks link the way this current forum uses

@rmehta any thoughts on that as it would not really need any space on the Nav bar something like below:

Version 4 bookmarks was very useful! Please bring it back!