How to Access Localhost:8080 from outside of network or Internet

Hello Guys,
I am running VM for erpnext.
i can access my Localhost within the same network in different Pcs.
Now i want to access my Localhost:8080 using my Ip outside of the network.
Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in Advance

Your internet connection needs to have a static IP address allocated by your internet service provider. Not a dynamic IP. You then need to configure your modem/router firewall to allow incoming requests on secured ports. You need to carefully read modem/router manual to achieve this. Beware that incorrect configuration can expose your entire internal network to the public.

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search for or ngrok vpn at google they might come in handy

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You could use tunnel service to expose your localhost to the internet.
Check Staqlab Tunnel which is one of such service.