How to access Multi-Tenant sites without domains

I’ve setup a multi-tenant system working with 2 domains.

So my main site is under, I have another domain connected on I can access these two from the different domains as mentioned.

I have several other sites under my bench, How can I access them ?

Guides used:
Setup Multitenancy
Serve multiple domain names on one site - #2 by vjFaLk

you can us DNS based multitenancy

You need to create an entry in etc/hosts with the exact domain name.

I am already using DNS multitenant. 2 of the sites are using domains so they are accessible and working fine, but I’m not sure how to access the rest without linked domains.

site1 => - GOOD
site2 => - GOOD
site3 => no domain (site3) - UNACCESSIBLE, previously on say port 90 but with DNS enabled, I have no more access.

Thanks for the input, I’m not sure how to achieve this. While I can invest the necessary effort to achieve it, kindly reassure me that it’ll wok for the situation I’ve described in my most recent reply.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

If you have enabled DNS Multitenancy, you cannot access your sites from a different port.

How can I see the other sites? What kind of setup will allow me to see the rest of my demo sites without actually buying a separate domain ?

NB: Sorry if this is a dumb question seeing that I’m asking again.

sub domains,, etc etc

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This worked!!! Thanks bud!