How to access my ERP account after installing ERPNext on my Virtual box

I had installed ERPNext on my Virtualbox and it asked me to give username and password.After that all I can see is the command line.Please guide me to host it on webserver.

Try going to a website as

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.I can’t deploy and I don’t know how to obtain IP address for my machine.Please help me out from this situation and thanks for the reply

For getting VM IP type
ip addr show

try it with :8000 or :8080 or :8001 or just that ip

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I can’t get with it.Its just getting harder.Do You know any easy way to solve this problem…?

Sorry.I forget to tell You that I didn’t update my ERP image.I had tried a lot and every method is quite embarrassing.I hope You will help me to get update My ERP image.Thanks

enter ip addr show from vm app’s terminal, not from your pc’s terminal.


What to try next…?

bench start

after 3-4min

try with :8000 or :8080 or :8001 or just that ip

Would You please guide me how to do bench start.VirtualBox_ERPNext-Dev_15_10_2017_17_27_34

I missed
cd frappe-bench
bench start


It works.I don’t know how to thank You.Yet I’m not finished.Hope you will guide me on next part.
See You later.

No issue. Create new post for any topic.

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I encountered another problem.The Ip deployment failed when I tried to enter the software today.
The VM just shows this.VirtualBox_ERPNext-Dev_16_10_2017_13_25_54
I’m stucked.Please help me to figure out what is the problem…

How are you trying to access the application? If it is through a browser on your host machine goto http://your-vm-ip-address:8000 and wait for a while. This is assuming you have gone through the following commands.
~erp-vm:~$cd frappe-bench
~erp-vm:~$bench start
wait for a while till the application gets ready.

Hope it helps.

I had done as You had instructed Me.But the result is as follows

It is not loading…I hope You can provide me a

First of you can not use as an ip address for the Virtual Machine. If your virtual machine software is VirtualBox go to your virtual machine network settings and
→ select Bridge Networking then
→ select the actual network interface you are using to access the outside network.
→ Then goto you virtual machine stop the running app and run
$ifdown eth0
$ifup eth0
$ifconfig (gives you the ip address of the eth0 interface on the VM)

→ get the ip address from the output
→ run the previous commands to start the app.
→ replace the with the ip you got on bullet one.


You may have to use ifup and ifdown commands with sudo.