How to access site_config.json

Hello Everyone, Im using Ubuntu, and I’m new to this.
Can someone please share the step by step commands to access the site_config.json file.
Basically i want to increase the file upload 10mb limit to 20Mb.

Thank you

Hi @rs115199789,

Please go to the System Settings and update it.

Thank You!

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Thank you, but there is a issue.
Actually i have 2 ERP, 1 hosted on my local (local host) device in which i applied the setting and it’s working totally fine.

2nd, I have a erp on my company’s computer in which i have all the access even the Admin.
and this ERP is installed by a third party company.
However in that there is no Files option.

Please check the screenshot.

Thank You

Maybe it’s an older version.

Go to the frappe-bench directory and apply like
sudo nano sites/

Thank You!

Yes it’s the ERP 13 , and unfortunately i don’t have access to the bench, me and my company just received the domain name to login the ERP that’s all so i don’t know the main system where it has been installed.

On the other hand i have localhost erp which i mentioned earlier, is working fine and i have the full access also applied the setting too.

Do you know how can i get the access to the main one (erp 13)

Thank You

I’m not sure how to do it, but it may be possible by using SSH Access.

Thank You!

No Problem thank you :slight_smile: