How to access site on localhost:8000 in developer mode?

I want to know that how to access site on localhost:8000 in developer mode instead of local IP ?
On localhost

On local IP work fine.

Here is info about site_config.json/ufw/port listening.

hosts file

Could you help me here ?


May we know the output of: ip a , and bench setup nginx ?

@smino thanks for your reply
Here is …

Could you guide me in this topic … :innocent:

  • Please refrain from mentioning users (unless you’re willing to pay for support).
  • Developer setups don’t need Nginx.
  • You should ideally access your site on sitename:port, not localhost. If your sitename ends with .localhost, you may not need to add a entry in /etc/hosts
  • If you really want to access using localhost, try executing bench use sitename and then start bench to check if it worked.

Sorry for this! Even I can owe them if anyone ask me about paid service.
I am curious about this, why only local server IP working instead of localhost:8000 ?
Both addresses are there but work only on local network IP address.
Still not work even after use

bench use [site-name]


Maybe I missunderstood your question but … you are running frappe/erpnext on VirtualBox VM, right? … Seems that your VM IP is , and your host IP is

So, you can’t reach it from host using This address is your host localhost IP …
Hope this helps.

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@avc Thanks for your clarification.
Now I understood what is happening here.

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