How to access time in and time out from excel sheet

Hi there,
I want to calculate total hours worked by an employee in a day.
I will be uploading the attendance excel sheet to know its in time and out time.
So how can i retrieve the in time and out time for the employee from the sheet and input the value into my custom fields i created in attendance i.e. time in and time out.
Based on in time and out time i want to calculate the total hours worked by him.
I ll attach an image showing the custom fields I created in attendance module.

I am also attaching the excel sheet screenshot to help you know abt the fields in excel sheet.

the clock in time and clock out time is what i want to retrieve from excel sheet when i upload it on the system.
and also i want to achieve that it automatically changes in the employee attendance when the excel sheet has been uploaded

Take a look at Data Import Tool.

Hi there,
Mam i have gone through this.
But my question is different.
We already have a biometric attendance tool.
It generates the data as in foolowing

and it has various fields in it So how can i retrieve the time in time out and reflect it for the employee attendance.

You will have to modify your excel sheet according to the template which gets generated from ERPNext. Unfortunately, it seems lot of work for you but any other format will not be accepted by the system.

can we modify the template according to our use? @KanchanChauhan

I am sorry, you cannot. Data will be read by the system only if it is in this format only.

Can i set the values from the excel sheet to the custom fields added in the attendance module?
I have added Time in and Time out custom fields in attendace module.
So is it possible i can set the time according to the excel sheet?

you could build a fingerprint scanner unit that would be able to directly feed into ERPNext Attendance I think.

You’d need an Arduino or Raspery pi time of board, a fingerprint scanner, small screen and somebody who is able to code such I guess …

that probably would be a little tool that many would love to have I guess.

Sir we already have a fingerprint attendance system.
Right now integrating the system with erpnext is a tricky business.
I would love to integrate the fingerprint system with erpnext in near future, can u provide steps how i can achieve that?
I mean how i can start to do that.
Nonetheless Right now my priority is on how i can set the fields to display the total hours worked.
by geting time difference of time out and time in

I was afraid you would ask that. Sorry I can’t due to lack of technical insight. I just am pretty convinced such would be possible. If you search on youtube for fingerprint scanner and Odoo you should be able to find a demo for a system somebody had developed for odoo … I would be surprised whether something similar couldn’t be build for ERPNext.

Edit: that’s the demo I was talking about - YouTube

Can you share what is the model of fingerprint system you use?. CAMS biometric machines support the Web API by which you can integrate our machines with ERPNext directly. As per the API documentation, you need to expose an URL which would associated with the machine and then the same will be called every time a attendance gets registered in the machine. Under the exposed URL, you can process the parameters (machine id, user id, attendance time, check in/out) and store into your database…