How to account for accounting errors

We have a customer who was created with an opening balance. However, this was a mistake; there never was an opening balance. If I look at the ledger for the customer, I can see the opening balance. How can I remove this entry, or correct it? I am assuming I need to make some kind of Journal Entry, but how can I do this so that it is obvious on the books that the original entry was a mistake? What accounts should be involved in the entry?


Just cancel the Journal Entry made for updating opening balance for this Customer. If that Journal Entry has other customers as well, then Amend it to remove this Customer, and save and submit that Journal Entry.

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Thanks for the reply. That sounds like what I need. Could you please guide me as how to find the Journal Entry? When I open the “Journal Entry” screen, there are no entries (see screenshot).

I think you have you have updated opening balance for Debtors via Sales Invoice with is_opening=1.
So, please amend that Sales Invoice.