How to add a new field to a product? Unique identifier or additional barcode field

I have a need to add another unique number/product code to each item (we are already using the barcode field). We would use this additional field to track sales on another platform.

We would like to add this extra field (let’s call it the equivalent to another barcode number), so that we can export reports from ERP with that column added additionally and then manipulate the data in excel where we use it to compare it with sales in the other platform.


Please check following link for the steps to pull value of this custom
field into your transactions.

Once you have this field being pulled in the transaction, you can make
custom report with this field, and export it in spreadsheet.

hey umair,

I am not sure this is what I need. I basically just want to add a new field to each item. For example I want to add a field called “color” and have it be a text box we can manually type in the color for that product.


Please check following link for help in inserting custom fields in your

This is exactly what I would like to do also. I need to add four additional fields like supplier part number, supplier model number, customer part number, etc. The link provided above is not valid any more. Can someone point me to the most up to date link please? I have ERPNEXT v6.15.0.


@graybuck Below the steps.

  1. go to Item list
  2. Click “Menu” and the click “Customize” in the dropdown.
  3. In the customization page add the custom fields you need. For example
    if you want to add a colour field, do this
  4. The “Type” should be data, so that you can type anything you want and in the popup also check filter, so it’s searchable in the list, like this:
  5. That’s it now repeat steps 3 and 4 for every custom field you want.
  6. To fetch them in other docs for example in the sales order you need to create custom script like this.

good luck

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Thank you very much for your help!