How to add a new module

first of all erpnext has been great , but i want to develop a new module that integrate with erpnext
so i need your help, point me where t start
thanks all

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page not found error!!!

Indeed there is 404 error.

Frappe/ERPNext Apps are structured more or less like this:

  1. The App
    1. Module
      1. DocType
      2. DocType
      3. DocType
    2. Module
      1. DocType
      2. DocType
      3. DocType
    3. Module
      1. DocType
      2. DocType
      3. DocType

Creating App

For creating a new app, go to your frappe-bench folder and run

bench new-app YourAppName

Creating modules

For creating modules, go here:

http://yourerp.local:8000/desk#List/Module%20Def/List (Port if necessary, you know your uri)

Creating doctypes

For creating doctypes, go here:


Have a look at the tutorial anyway: I found it on Google.

Hell @b3rew,

You can go through this video tutorial and user manual.
I hope below links will help you.

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i have installed erpnext.
i want to make a new module named Custom Packing .
and i want its icon on desk.
thank you.


see this link for more details:

If you want to set the inbuilt icon than its not big deal. But if you want to set customized icon than go through out this link:

I hope this message will help you out to close your problem.

Thank You

Could you please brief on how to create new module, the above are giving error.