How to add a note to each Item (service item) on a Quotation or Invoice

Hello all

I want to have an additional note for each line Item (service item such as Consulting or Hosting) on a Quotation or Invoice. These notes will differ each time we create a Quotation or Invoice, such as “convert spreadsheet and import data” or “setup users”.


You can add a custom field to track notes.

Thanks @nabinhait

I’ll look into custom fields as I’m new to ERPNext and unfamiliar with all the functionality.

However, is it possible to create some sort of list of activities (not Items such as a Consulting service) each with an estimate of time, and pull them through automatically to a Quotation. I’m thinking maybe a Project with Tasks and then have a Note custom field on the Tasks. This will only work if the tasks can be displayed on the Quotation. Is this possible?


Hello @nabinhait

I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out how and where to add the custom field, that I’m at the point of abandoning this bloody user-unfriendly ERPNext. :rage:

I do not want to edit the Item Description each time before I add the Item to a Quotation. I want to have a Note as a separate column between Item Code and Quantity on the Quotation. I want to fill in detail pertaining to each line item in this Note column on the Quotation.

Where and how do I set up the Note custom field? On the Item (eg Consultation) or the Quotation form?

Please help

Have you tried to google it?

Here is the docs link: Custom Field

In customize Form, you need to select “Quotation Item”.