How to add a photo in the form

I want to upload an image here, how can I?

@Nada-86 type is attach_image , not image .

@bahaou Yeah, but I want it shown like this

@Nada-86 is this a web form or a doctype ?

@bahaou The first photo is form, and the second is doctype

@Nada-86 if that is a doctype chose attach_image as type then scroll down to form settings and select the same field as image field . this way the image will appear the same the doctype user does .

@bahaou wow how, can you show me a pic please


@bahaou I did but not shown is pic :smiling_face_with_tear:

@Nada-86 again is this a doctype or a web form ? show a full screenshot without cutting anything

@bahaou okay

This doctype

This form

@Nada-86 continues with the saving and the image will appear on the top left side . like this . (you can also hide the image field as you can update it by clicking on the image itself)
this is the best thing you can do

@bahaou okay so I can’t show the photo as I said?

Thank you so much, and I appreciate your solve and time. :pray: :tulip:

@Nada-86 العفو . في المستقبل نتكلم عربي :slight_smile:

@bahaou يكون افضل واسهل :sweat_smile:
شكرا ماقصرت

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@bahaou عندي سؤال هل اقدر اخلي الصورة تطلع اول ما ارفع الصورة قبل ما اسوي حفظ؟