How to add Account filter in Trial Balance Report

How can I add Account multiselect filter in trial balance report just like General Ledger report?

Hi @Atiq0629,

Please check the reference.

Thank You!

@NCP Thank you for your response. How do I effect it to the report? Can you please help me to do this filter effects on report which is in .py files code I guess.

not sure but test it and then apply it.

@NCP Thanks again. I already tested it. Not filtered. Its connected with this function get_accounts_with_children. Declared this function also. but now filtering too

if filters.account:
		acc_data = frappe.db.get_value("Account", filters.account)
		additional_conditions += """ and account in (select name from `tabAccount`
			)""" % (

Adding this code but show’s an error
TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting