How to add additional discount?


You can apply the discount on the item level as well.

please elaborate your usecase to get better support.

Hi! @umair thanks for your response again. in our company theres a customer that we give a double discount.

-You can create T&C for Double Discount.Then customer will come to know about double discount after reading Terms &condition.

  • Then You can actually put/enter that much amount/Rate
    Example:- you can keep 10 rate instead of 5

ill try to create 3 discount,
for example
-intro discount
-promo discount
-regular discount

in our company, in 1 customer they give a 2 discount or 3 discount.

Hi @Denmark_Del_Puso

How you get Discount 1, Discount 2, and Discount 3 in ERP Next? Please guide me because i need this too.


@Ronny_Harianto used custom script to this issue. i fixed this issue before.

This one called Promotion module or multilayer discount. As far I know, currently, ERPNext not support for this feature. You need to make some code to make it work.

Discount on item table is applied on Price List rate.

Discount on Net/Grand Total is applied on Item Rate, leading to calculation of Net Rate.

We will soon add option for loyalty points feature as well.