How to add additional functionality to existing module?

Hey everyone!

I would like to add a functionality to the HR module . Such as a form to provide loans to the employee. I want the new forms to interact with the existing HR module such as employee,salary slips etc. Also i want a listing of all the loans provided with all details.
Can someone suggest me how to go about this? I can make the doc type but i am unable to get a list out of it like employee list,sales order list etc. Do i have to make a new app ? or is there any straightforward approach?

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For adding Sales Order list, add custom field of type ‘Link’ and in option write “Sales Order”

Please ask specific question so anyone here can help you.

Start building app in frappe, you can automatically learn a lot.

Also, it will be a good idea to make separate app for customization.

For reference:

i guess i didn’t explain well. But the problem is resolved.
I modified the doc type to standard .That worked for me. i will look into making an app as well.