How to add auto repeat for additional salary

Many employees are given certain earnings and other deductions on a certain frequency for a certain duration. E.g.

Fuel allowance for 3 weeks on weekly basis during stay in remote area.

Would an auto repeat of additional salary more applicable?

Can’t add to salary structure as this is a temporary arrangement. It could well be extended for 10 or say 16 weeks.

Salary structure would generally be company wide.

Any help will be appreciated.

Auto repeat feature in additional salary will come soon and under development.

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Thank you @nabinhait, for now we have done the following to continue.

We have added draft journal creation upon submission of Additional Salary as well to ease the work.

We have a scheduled python script that runs to create the additional salary records and update the last transaction amount and date.

This is done using a separate custom app.

We also had to create a checkbox to create cash journal so that from a single doctype where we store an account code, we could create the cash journals for deductions (such as advance salary) that are paid to the employee in advance.

Hi there,

Can you provide me with the steps to do this ? I need to do the same