How to add Cash on Delivery to the shopping cart

since currently online payments are not preferred and mostly not used in my country, I am looking for an option to add to shopping cart. so as to collect the payment once the item delivered to the customer.

I appreciate your support and inputs

@NCP @avc I appreciate your kind supports

I think, you have to develop the COD scenario in the webshop/integration app. Might be tricky to develop.

If anyone knows, then most welcome and share the suggestion!

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adding to point three, when the shop owner converts the order to invoice, then the customer should not be able to delete/edit/cancel at all.

i am adding this because i cant edit my post as its pending approval :slight_smile:

The below is a simple and efficient approach of “cash on delivery” process (the scenario starts from point 3):

  1. After the customer added couple of items to the cart then s/he clicks on the cart and see the list as below

  2. the customer adds shipping address and click on the “Place Order” button as below and the customer should not see the “Pay” button instead should be able to delete or cancel the order.

3.The shop owner sees the order and makes a call to the customer to verbally confirm the customers intentions of the purchase. if confirmed, then shop owner converts the order to invoice.

  1. the shop owner delivers the item to the customer(via any kind of means not complicating it :slight_smile: ), once the customer received the item and paid the amount, the money collected finally the shop owner changes the status of the order to completed (we can not depend on the customer to hit any button “received” after s/he recieved the ordered items.
  2. in the Webshop Settings to have something like this

Adding a field of cash on delivery does not complete the scenario. A long logic has to be put behind it and some integration with the payment gateway has to be done.

Yes brother @NCP , I totally agree and believe there is a big complex structure behind it. you and your team is work is amazing kudos to you all

@ameerbabu hope you are doing well bro