How to add Child DocType In another Child DocType

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I want to add a child DocType with another child DocType. Means a child DocType have another child DocType. I do this but it’s not working. Is there any way to add a child DocType with another child DocType.

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Can you explain the use case. Frappe was not designed to handle this.

Hello sir,

Thanks for your replay.
We are working on your frappe framework to make a “School Management Application”.

There are a DocType for Student admission. This DocType have a Child Table named “Previous Academic Record”. We want to add an option Certificates. So, we need to add a child table for add Certificates in this Child Table.

Table Structure :

  • Student (Main DocType)
    • “Previous Academic Record” (Child Table in Student DocType)
      • “Certificates” (Child Table in Previous Academic Record Child DocType)

Please give me a suggestion to add a child DocType with another child DocType.

Hello Mehta Sir,

Can i expect the answer from you. I want to develop a simple Application in Frappe. Is there any way to do this.

Please don’t name me specifically. This is a community portal and no one is “responsible to answer anyone”. Your code is not shared either.

If you want prompt answers, I suggest you find someone who can help you.

I have already answered that this is not possible in the way you have designed. You have to create a separate tables for prev academic record and certificates.


Hi Every one,

I wonder if @demo_ashraful got the answer. I need to create and add a child table(doctype) into a parent table(doctype) too.