How to add child table inside another child table?

Please let me know how to add sub child table to child table in ERPNext.

Please reply for the above problem
@NCP @peterg

Hi @Kavitha,

This is not possible in the way you have thought. You have to create separate tables.
There is no option to create a table inside a table.

Otherwise, you can use tree doctypes.

Thank You!

Thanks @NCP ,
tree doctypes means Is Tree option mean?

Yes, @Kavitha.

What’s your use case?

In odoo I have created child table in main table
In child table when I click Add a line is GoTo another sub child.

Is the flow that’s what I asked how to do in ERP Next.

Hi @Kavitha,

I know. In odoo, the parent table (Main table) is referenced inside the child table.
In case, you can use only the tree view option.

@peterg, any suggestion for it :question:

Thank You!