How to add child table inside child table?

is it possible add child table inside another child table??. i tried to add it show me error allow_bulk_edit is undefined and i already set allow_bulk_edit value is 1.

Currently this is not possible, make github issue

But why would you need child table under child table. Please briefly explain the use case to understand if there is alternate way to achieve what you want to do, or if not then it goes as feature request :blush:

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FWIW this response to that question notes that is not good practice Is it possible to have child table in a child table?

Totally agree with @FinForce and @clarkej Why do we need child table.

Besides good practices a common problem would be:

  1. Heavy DB Linkages.
  2. Issues with Manageability of Structure (This is going to only get complicated further never simplified. as you add on more fields and data)
  3. Even if you manage to add nested child table how are you going to display the data. The table grid will have to be even more complicated to accomodate nested child table.

Any specific reason why you want this nested structure ?

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What if an invoice requires multiple line items and each line item is to be split into multiple gl account codes in promotion that only the user can make? This requires the user to select manually gl account for each line item and apportion to the item total.

this itself answer the question. why can’t we split the last node of GL as separate line items in the Item table itself?

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Yes it would work though the item would be repeating and focus of the user to apportion the amount to separate gl accounts would not be easy to maintain.

brother, that apportion is anyhow has to be done by the user at GL level. Whether he does it at Item table or maybe further inside that table. Maybe I’m not able to understand the use case of what makes it better.

What’s this? It seems to have been implemented after all

My requirements is when user add any item in sales order then that item all BOM show in dialogue box.after that user select any one from BOM that list then again one popup window open show all materials of that BOM and user can change materials and qty of that BOM. After all changes Save Pop-up windows that materials save in child table inside the child table.This all process required for custom order.

But now child table not possible to add in dialogue box as well as inside child table.

My friend When we work with a Framework like Frappe, we have to first understand the facilities and features the framework gives and have to design our solutions around them. If the requirements surpasses the features of the framework, luckily Frappe is Open source, Kindly go ahead and customise it. But don’t forget to send a pull request to the developers so that if your update is valuable they will merge as feature and can be useful to others as well.

My friend i know frappe and all things. I just post this which requirement comes to me.i already develop it using ajax and html field of ERPNext.


Could You please share the code as I am also facing the same issue?