How to add class to HTML fieldtype?

Is it possible to add custom class to HTML field type from the DocType GUI?
If not, how to do so?
Thank you.

I’ve tried it and only succeeded when i use classes defined in the original frappe css files. External classes dont work

Too bad.
I think this capability will be useful.

Having a textfield for custom css and custom class like the Options in the Doctype creation will be great.

Thanks @Vesper_Solutions

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Exactly. I love frappe because it saves a ton of time in writing the layouts, the document structure and then creating the routes and migrating etc. I’ve used other wysiwyg web app builders and i believe that if frappe makes visual editing as easy as other gui based builders like etc, frappe will simply be the best. The only thing keeping frappe back from being the perfect solution for non-hardcore programmers is the visual or html editing aspect of it. I personally am not a traditional programmer so I cant really build a similar feature for frappe and share it back to the community but if someone does this, It will make life so much easier

Level up frappe from programming framework to webapp development platform :slight_smile:

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