How to add column in editable grid?

Hi all,

I am on v7.2.27 and trying to add new column (Batch No) to sales invoice editable field.

I’ve set the batch no field show in list property but to no avail. I’ve read similar post:

But couldn’t find the above code in the sales_common.js … Please help…

try using Customize Form

  1. Search Customize Form in Awesome Bar
  2. Select child Doctype
  3. Select Perticular Filed
  4. Check IN LIST VIEW option
    save & reload …
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Another alternative to @jsukrut answer would be Custom Fields.
You can add a custom field to the sales invoice item doctype by doing the following:

  1. Go to Custom Fields (via the Awesome Bar)
  2. In Doctype, choose Sales Invoice Item or the doctype you want to add a field to.
  3. Fill in the blanks for Label, Type, etc,
  4. Check the In List View checkbox at the group of checkboxes you can find inside the window.


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