How to add country in the local holidays list

when i tried to select the country from list for the local holidays, oman is not showing in the list, how to add country in the list. please guide.


  1. Goto the Country list(type it in awesome bar).
  2. Add new country.
  3. Come to holiday list and Refresh the page.

Thank your for you reply. when I tried to add Oman, following error showed.

Problem is field type is autocomplete, which is not able to change.

In fact I added full name Sultanate of Oman which is saved but still not coming local holiday country list


  1. Goto Customize form.
  2. Add your doctype.
  3. Change field type.

  1. Click on Update button.
  2. Export changes to your custom app.

did all the steps but following error showed once press update

@Aamir_Durrani .

Delete the field and again create it in same place.

@Aamir_Durrani I checked the issue from software and I found the same issue when type Oman. It’s only show Romania. And this field is not a linked field with “Country” doctype, It’s auto complete field.

So my two propose solution is as below,

  1. Hide this existing country field and add custom country field.
  2. Use “Property Setter” to update exist field type “AutoComplete” to “Link”.