How to add custom button on web form

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to add custom button in web form?
Appreciated if someone can do earlier.


You can try below code in your web form js

frappe.web_form.add_button_to_footer("test", "submit", ()=>{alert('Hello World')})

source code: frappe/web_form.js at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Do this actually works?
Have someone done this?

Hi, After 1 year I test this code again in frappe default [Address] webform.
I confirm this code still work

My frappe version is 13.36.3

Then here is my test result

Before add button

After add button

I also checked frappe version14 the code.
I can’t find [add_button_to_footer] or [add_button] or other similar function in web_form.js.
so if you are using version14, you need look for another function or custom function to accomplish your needs