How to add custom fields in report view of Item Price List


I have added in custom fields in Item Price doctype and I have made those as In List view also but I want those in Report view how I can add there ?? Using add column that is just temporary I want permanent.

Hi @pm23,

After adding a custom field using ‘add column’, save the report, reload and check it.

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@NCP Will those columns remains there in report view or change after logout???

After saving the report, you can access it by selecting the saved report. The report will remain unchanged even after logging out.

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@NCP Ok. There is no any alternate way to achieve it right?

Just example,

If you add a column with User A and then log out and log back in, the column will be visible. However, when you log in with User B, the report will show according to User B’s formatting. So, if you want the report to have the same format for all users, you should save the report.

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Hello @NCP ,

I have created one report named as newReport can i select that defualt for Item Price ??

No @pm23

@NCP Not even using script ?

Maybe not.