How to add custom fields in upload attendance

How to add custom fields in upload attendance module
The problem is I already have a biometric attendance system with us and we have custome fields in it.
So when I ll upload my attendace sheet the system wont read data from it.
So how can i customise the system so that the system will be able to read data from my excel sheet.
Please provide me your valuable feedback.
I am attaching my custom excel sheet so that it can provide you a brief idea about it.
And also i have added custom fields such as time in time out in the attendance module but it is not reflecting in the template for upload attendance.
Any idea how i can incorporate such things?

Following is the attendance module in which i have adde custom field:

Following is the template which i downloaded from the upload attendance module:
As you can see there is no custom field as i have added in the attendance module.

Try using Data Import Tool, there you will be able to select your custom field.

Mam can you ellaborate it please?
Will i be able to add the fields as required by me?
and if i upload my data into it then will the attendance be marked for the employees whose data i am adding.
And also i didnt get the idea about attendance id can u explain me?

Go to Data Import Tool, select Attendance doctype, you will see your custom fields there, select all the fields you need and down the template, then add data to this template and upload.

I believe if data is imported correctly attendance should be marked.


Hi There,
I am trying to capture Time in and Time out of an employee.
So i want calculate the total hours he has worked in a day.
So can u let me know the function by which i can calculate the total diff between time out and time in?
And also How can i set individual employee time i.e. a prior fixed time to report to office so that i can calculate his late arrival time i.e. by how much time is he late or early.
Is there something to do with timesheet?
Please Throw some light on it.!

I am unable to upload my file using upload attendance Doctype.
Under console i am receiving an error r.message undefined.
What could be wrong?

export a template from erpnext, than load your data according to the template fields and import.

The problem is i have entered some custom fields under attendance module.What i am trying to do is that the employee is marked present or absent based on that value.
When i click on get template under upload attendance it does not displays my custom fields rather have just 4 standard fields.
So i use import/export data to download the template.
But when i try to upload the sheet using upload attendance module i get an error.
But when i try to upload the file using import / export data i can.
But the user who uploads these data have no access to setup.
So WHat could be wrong?

what erpnext version are u using?

I am using 7.1.0

u should be able to select the field to export in the template …and your custom field should be selectable …

as u an see Sync Quantity with Shopify, Item Category Code, Item Category Name are all custom field and you can select to be exported …

I can download the template from export but every user might not have access to the setup.
So he wont be able to upload the file again.

and? i can’t get your point

Once the file is downloaded with all the custom fields in it and data is entered accordingly…
So when i try to upload the file using upload attendance doctype i am not able to.

Well …probably some field is not entered correctly …try with few lines …

I tried uploading the document using import / export data and it is able to successfully upload it without any errors.

so, again …i can’t get the problem u have …

For instance:

The problem is if i try to upload the same template using upload attendance module i am unable to do so.
I can only do it using data import tool.
But some users have no access to setup.
So my users wont be able to upload the data.

well as far as i know the import from the doctype will redirect to the import tool …