How to add custom script files in custom app?

I have make some custom script under fixture folder in custom app.
fixtures/Purchase Receipt.js
fixtures/Purchase Order.js

But it’s not working. How can i add the custom script files with my custom application? I have seen . Here he didn’t add anything in file.

So how is this custom script working?

Have you tried to bench migrate ?

Sorry, @munim

Your issue that you dont have the correct file structure… Assume that you app in called “MYAPP”


You are missing the custom_scripts folder.
Also after any change you need to run bench migrate


Hi munim

edit of your app

   doctype_js = {
        "Purchase Receipt": "custom_scripts/purchase_receipts_custom.js",
        "Purchase Order": "custom_scripts/purchase_order_custom.js"

If not edit

You must copy these scripts into custom script page

/desk#List/Custom Script/List

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Thanks, after giving bench migrate, it’s working now.

Finally i have done

  1. In i have added
    doctype_js = {
    “Purchase Receipt” : “custom_scripts/Purchase Receipt.js”,
  2. I have made the file path myapp/myapp/fixtures/custom_scripts/ Assume that my app in called “MYAPP”
  3. At last bench migrate.

Thanks @kickapoo and @vinhnguyent090

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@munim I just want note (and for others that will check this setup), It is not necessary to have anything to if you use the correct path “myapp/myapp/fixtures/custom_scripts/.js”

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even i used it it didn’t take any effect means it is not working for me.