How to add customers address to print format

Not sure of the appropriate syntax to add the customers address to a print format. Hoping that there is a way to populate this information. From googling the pattern should look something like this,

{% set u = frappe.get_doc(“Customer”, doc.pay_to_recd_from) or ‘’%}

{{u.Billing or ‘’}}
{{u.Primary or ‘’}}

However this just returns the ‘’. Executing this chuck of code under Journal Entry. To Print a custom cheque.

First you have to create custom print format then add this block to your html

{{ doc.address_display }}

Sorry, but I tried that pattern within the first 5 minutes. Any better ideas?

{{ no such element: erpnext.accounts.doctype.journal_entry.journal_entry.JournalEntry object[‘address_display’]


Addresses are saved as “Customer-Billing”.
So change your code accordingly. Concat your doc.pay_to_recd_from+“-Billing” or shipping whatever it may be.

And check address doctype for exact fields to get like address_line1.

I just inherited this along with having never seen Jinja before, so bare with me.

K, so the Customers info is listed under the customer table in our schema. Under journal entries the only variable I have found that points to the customer is doc.pay_to_recd_from. So I would assume to access customer table one would say something like {{ frappe.db.get_value(“[Customer]”, doc.pay_to_recd_from, “Address_and_Contact[Billing]”) }}. However, this returns none. I would imagine this might be easier if I installed frappe on my local machine. But this is pretty much the only solution I need.

Sorry about such a basic question but the lack of documentation forces simple questions.