How to add desk page cards


I want to add more cards to desk page, like pos, sales invoice, purchase invoice etc.
i added by customizing in frappe/configs but its only showing for administrator not for all users, even users have master access to these doctypes.


I added balance sheet in its showing in show / hide module popup. but not showing for this user in desk while other reports are showing. user have access to all reports.


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Search for Desk Page
Create new Desk Page
Fill required details
see system desk pages to get some help for creation of your own cards
You can add your own Card in Link Cards section
Each entry in Link Cards will create an individual card.
You can also use same Desk Page for creating
Dashboard β†’ Charts
ShortCuts β†’ (Doctype,Reports, etc)

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Thank you @Sameer_Shaikh
This is the right solution

On searching:

Desk page

in Awesome Bar of erpNext 13, I get nothing.

Am I missing something?

  1. In version-13 Desk Page is called Workspace.
  2. Home β†’ Build β†’ Workspace

Thank you for your response. But says:

When you log in, you’re presented with the Desk. It features a persistent sidebar sorted into categories. Each sidebar item links to a page called Workspace.

A Workspace represents a module (for example CRM in ERPNext).

It suggests that desk or desk-page, may have links to many work-spaces. I wish to know how to design this desk or desk-page.