How to add google map for address

To add google map, we have added hard-coded div in lead from in old project,

Example :-1:
map_div_location = $(this.frm.parent)[0].childNodes[0].childNodes[3].childNodes[1].childNodes[1].childNodes[0].childNodes[6].childNodes[2].childNodes[0]


Can we achieve this by adding div in one html field?

WOAH! - never heard about CSS / jquery selectors?

No reason why this should not work for an HTML Field

$("<div class='google-map'>").appendTo(cur_frm.get_field("my_html_field").wrapper);

I want to add the same functionality in my Sales Order, but has no idea how to achieve this.

Actually, I would like to show some dots in the google map for the address I am adding in the Sales Order.

Apart from that, I would like to create a page or something which will show how many customers we have in a particular area using a google map.

Any idea how can we achieve this?

Ruchin Sharma

@ruchin78 did u manage to add the map to show customer in a region or all customers on map ?

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