How to add GST field to Customer Doctype ERPNEXT?

Hello !!

I need some help regarding customization.

As the current setting, GST details are in Address Doctype. ( Party GSTIN, GST State, GST State Number ).

I need these three fields in Customer Doctype. I can add the custom field and add all these three fields but I can not add ‘name’ for each field i.e. for GSTIN there is the name ‘gstin’, for GST State name is ‘gst_state’ and for GST State Number name is ‘gst_state_number’.

Please help.


Hi, @Meet_Patel, I can’t understand you mean like this? Label, Type, Name ?

please elaborate more on what do you want to achieve?

Yes !!

I have updated it. Two GST fields in Customer Doctype. ( Party GSTIN, GST State )

But I am facing issues with GST Number validation. it accepts the wrong GST format also.

You will have to write the validation or call a part of the code that does it. Just adding a custom field doesn’t do anything by itself: