How to add html for a webform

this is the webform I want to customize the header by adding another logo and remove the icon of logged in user which is on top-right

I am able to remove the website logo which is on top-left by adding css under custom css

now can I add another logo by adding HTML or can i change the header for only a particular web forms and not all

@Vinay1 I think that you can achieve what you want by adding something like the following script to the Client Script field…

frappe.web_form.after_load = function() {
    let $brand = $('.navbar-brand'), // This is the logo in the navbar
    $user = $('li.logged-in'), // This is the logged in user navbar item
    $header = $('.web-form-header'); // This is the form header that contains the header "User Registeration"

    // Change the logo
    $brand.empty().append('<img src="my_new_logo.png" alt="My New Form"/>');
    // Hide the logged in user navbar item

I hope that I was helpful…

Best regards…

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Thanks @kid1194, it worked

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