How to add HTML to a page created using page api

i created a new page under Page doctype now i want to add html to it, how can i do it?

@Vinay1 If you have marked page as Standard = Yes, you can see .js, and .json file in your app

frappe-bench/apps/app_name/app_name/page/page_name where you can add .html and .py files for this and start coding

hi @Hardik_Gadesha I created a page called “loyalty_user_info” and it contains loyalty_user_info.js and loyalty_user_info.json by default and I added loyalty_user_info.html but when I view the page I can’t see the html view

here is the folder structure

contents of loyalty_user_info.html

here is the page view

if html is linked correctly then the page should look like this