How to add images in bulk from excel in ERPNext on FrappeCloud on Windows10

can someone pls help me on this
i tried to do it this way

–in (Image) column of excel sheet from (data import tool) i pasted the Hyperlink* of image for that particular item, i did this for tens of items and as expected everything got imported except IMAGE, now i am doing this ONE by ONE…

Hyperlink* - C:\Users\rana_saheb\Desktop\My products\Stationery\Doms\DOMS_X1_Pencil_Kit.jpg

Are you trying to set image to Items? If yes then try this script. Image file name should match item name. Images should be uploaded vif ERPNext file upload not from backend which doesn’t set image url.

But i want a solution for Fcloud Hosting not Local Hosting and i am using Windows 10 btw tnx

Use ReST API to set images in local pytht script that runs on your windows laptop.

You may have to check the rate limit from frappecloud

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