How to add letterhead in every page of report print format

Hello All,
I want to add letterhead in report print format.(Same as Print format)

Footer page (1 of 2) coming on every page. Similarly i want to add letterhead on every page.
I want table header on every page and letterhead for every company which is selected in filter without checking the with letterhead in print setting

Can anyone help me to do this???

I think this is configurable via ‘Print Settings’.

yes but it works only if check box for with letterhead is checked

While printing pdf of report If check With Letterhead then Letterhead is coming on all pages.

I want table header on Every page. Can anyone tell where is code written for Letterhead on every page??
or How we can get table Header on Every page??

I found this code for Letterhead repeat. How we can add or change for Table header repeat in every page