How to add logo on POS bill

Hi. I have added a logo for my company. I need the same logo to be placed on top of my POS bill. I have tried typing in the field name like - {{ Company_logo }} in the print format custom css but it hasn’t worked. So, how do I add a logo. Also let me know if there is any way to embed an image on it.

Hello @raheeb

Refer to this Logo in Print Format link for the desired solution.

<img src="/private/files/logo.png" height="10%" width="10%" align="left">

Kalpit Shah

Thank you for the response. But where would I get the path from? It is definitely not the local path. So how would I get the path of my logo? Sorry for the amateur question. I have just started using this and doesnt have much sense of it.

In the search bar, type File List. It is the place where you’ll upload the file and from there you’ll get the path.

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Thanks a ton man. I have uploaded the logo. :v:

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