How to add manufacturing BOM to the Projects module

Hi I’m new at ERPnext
Would you help me how to link the BOM and Work order into the project module
Also I cannot understand the difference between doctype and form

Hi Badr,

Welcome to ERPNext. Here’s hoping you have a great experience with ERPNext and here at the community.

The BOM has a field called Project. You can select the Project the BOM is used for. Similarly the Work Order has a field called Project. Again you can link it to the project.

If you are looking at linking up the Project record with the BOM and the Work Order, you can add custom fields and with the appropriate Field Type (Link I think), you can link the field to other DocTypes such as Project and Work Order.

A DocType is the basic document in ERPNext. A web form is how a web user interfaces with ERPNext. A Web Form is connected up with a DocType. So all Web Forms have to be associated with a Doc Type, but all Doc Types don’t have to have a Web Form. I think. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.



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thank you so much,
really appreciate your explanation
can you please explain how doctypes are accessed and viewed in many modules, like the Item doctype is shown in Stock, Sales, Manufacturing Modules
as this what i need to do, make the BOM can be accessed from the Project module

Go to customize the doctype and you can see document links below. You can add any doctype over there and it will show in the connection. So here you can add BOM doctype in project doctype.