How to add modules on erpnext? - bitnami-cloud google platform

Hi! everyone
I used bitnami to deploy ERPnext on cloud google and it worked

How to add modules on erpnext ?
I want to add module Education

This is homepage:

Click on ‘User’ (between the search bar and the help button), click “set desktop icons” and pick the modules you need.

If it’s not a matter of the icons being displayed on the desktop and a matter of actually enabling the model, this is typically done during initial set up. However, installed modules (core modules are always installed, just enabled or disabled) can be turned on or off through:

Setup >> Domain Settings >> Checka da box (5th one down)

but don’t have module Education


As mentioned by @chancegold, first go to setup >> domain settings and activate the education module. Once done, run a reload from the user menu to clear the cache and the icons will show up on the desk.

Ok ! thanks you
This is result. It actived

You are welcome. :+1:

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