How to add multiple button beside add row button

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I need to customize an existing doctype in the LMS app. I need to add button of “add multiple” beside “add row” , similar to the one in the Doctype table of Sales Order Item as per the below screenshot attached and highlighted in red.

I also need to understand, how and where to add this (add multiple) in any Doctype table and what what exact code triggers it and where to find it.

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use this JS script as an example

frappe.ui.form.on('Unit Block', {
    onload_post_render: function(frm) {


Thanks for answering my question. I did make it work. Just wondering if you could also provide links of doc/tutorials or samples on how to customize the popup form that opens when you click the “add multiple”
I am trying to add search filters and change the listing to a table view which i can tick a box before the item and maybe add paginations instead of “more”.

Once again thank you so much.


The form is a default template and gets rendered based on the parameters provided in the set_multiple_add function.

You won’t be able to get a table view here but the list view allows clicking on the row and it by default gets added to the child table in the main doctype.