How to add multiple email for the same user?

Previously when we created our ERPNext users they were made on their personal emails.
Now we gave them the email with the company domain name and we want that this new email to be mapped to the same user so that he doesn’t lose the track of the work he has been doing so far. But the primary key for the user is the email, I’m unable to understand how to pull this off.
Can anyone suggest something?


Have you tried opening CONTACTS then add a second email i.e (the company email) then set it as primary email. This needs to be done as Administrator. You may also need to edit the [User Email] field so that the account uses company email as primary!

But he can’t login with the new email.
How to fix this?


You can go to the users as administrator, click rename the Email and save, reload the user will have to log in with the new email.